Because He Became

August 12, 2018
Because the Word became flesh we can... 1. See God Clear as Day 2. Know God Free and Clear 3. Understand God Loud and Clear

Clear: See Him

August 5, 2018
New Series through the Book of John.  Clear: Seeing Christ clearly makes all the difference.

Game On

In week 5 of our series "Living with the End in Mind" Pastor D.J. preaches about how to get your "Game On."

Love is Seen

May 20, 2018
Pastor DJ preaches from 1 Thessalonians 4:9-12 about ways to show your love for God and people. Love is seen when we... 1.Aspire to Love More 2. Avoid the Noise…

Love is Self Control

May 13, 2018
3 Questions about holiness and purity. What does God want? How do we live this way? Why should we live this way?